Thursday, 7 October 2010

Jas MB Reveals His New AW10 Collection

We're huge fans of luxury bag designer Jas MB, so much so we have collaborated with him on numerous occasions, commencing with our exclusive line of men's bags (for orders and enquiries contact Since then, Jas has provided us with 7th Man branded canvas bags for our first launch party, which were the must-have accessory of the season for many of our guests; while the leather sevens added to the gift bags of our second launch party became the perfect addition to our key chains.

With an exquisite design approach that incorporates the finest materials fused with an innate attention to detail, Jas MB has spent the past decade creating some of the most beautiful and luxurious bags on the market. In celebration of his ten years in the business, Jas has released his new collection in homage to a "time gone by".

Featuring a bold clash of eras from the metal trimmings and soft shapes of the 1920s to the striking and draped looks of the 1970s, the collection is a sophisticated mix of colours and textures such as smooth, matte leathers, croc style, quilted and canvas.

This season's men's collection is sleek and functional and introduces a huge range of new styles including trolley suitcases, laptop carriers, gloves and belts. What's more, the new collection introduces mini versions of much loved favourites, the Wings Traveller, Barrel and Vintage Rucksack.


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