Friday, 8 October 2010

Buckler Launches Made To Measure Suiting For AW10

With a reputation for providing clothing of a certain rocker-esque vibe and cut with a distinctive masculine edge, luxury label Buckler has now teamed up with the Gansevoort Tailors label to introduce a new line of made-to-measure suits.

Currently, Buckler offers suit separates consisting of fine fabrics which are used to construct strong silhouettes, ideal for the trend-conscious man with a relaxed and sophisticated style. With the new made-to-measure service however, the brand's ethos shall be further expanded as Gansevoort Tailors inject some of their own signature touches. Known for their keen eye for detail, Gansevoort aim to provide to the new service a sleek range of unique fabrics and colour options exclusive to the Buckler line. Discerning guys can choose from the likes of navy pin stripe in super-fine wool, grey mélange in light-weight wool flannel, black wool gabardine in mid-weight and black wool gabardine light weight which comes with silk-satin pockets and collar.

In all, it's a creative collaboration whereby the polished look of Gansevoort Tailors combines effortlessly with Buckler's electrifying aesthetic to produce the ultimate suit for the fearlessly stylish man.

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