Monday, 11 October 2010

Give Fleece A Chance

This morning 7th Man headed down to London's most iconic street, Savile Row, in support of The Campaign For Wool- A coalition of industry groups convened by HRH The Prince of Wales to educate consumers about the benefits of wool. In celebration, Savile Row Bespoke Association, Woolmark International, West Country woolen mill Fox Brothers and Dormeuil transformed the world's most prestigious tailoring location into a specially laid pasture complete with flocks of grazing sheep. Tended by two extremely well-dressed farmers who donned bespoke suits courtesy of Anderson & Shepherd and Gieves & Hawkes, their canine companions were not to be out done in the style stakes as they sported unique tailored dog jackets by Huntsman.

Throughout the day, visitors were invited within the the hallowed doors of The Row's most revered tailors for an exclusive peek at their tailoring process. Besides the intriguing tours, visitors were given the opportunity to learn more about how wool is used by the great British mills, such as Fox Brothers and Dormeuil, to inspire the world-class bespoke tailors of Savile Row. What's more, a deeper insight was revealed to the public about the qualities of wool and why it is appreciated as a sustainable, natural fibre. With Savile Row Field Day, the versatility and sustainability of wool is championed in order to support the rural farmers and help keep this wonderful resource utilised to the full within the fashion and tailoring industry.

David Coleridge, Managing Director, Huntsman: "Wool is at the very heart of what we produce on Savile Row. Good quality wool ensures the very best tailoring. It lends itself perfectly to every occasion and almost every permutation. It is comfortable and moves and breathes fantastically. It represents over 90% of what we produce (at Huntsman), demonstrating the trust, confidence and spectrum of choice our customers have in selecting".

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