Monday, 4 October 2010

Fame Is The Thirst Of Youth

Launched this summer with a fresh and youthful capsule collection, Frater's extended S/S11 collection is yet to be unveiled, but judging from the current offering as seen on the label's brand new website, expectations are high. Consisting of three themes- Historiogothic, Goodnight John Boy and Humble Origins- the new range contains the brand's trademark graphic print t-shirts as well as jumpers, shirts and underwear, all classic pieces which have been reworked with a contemporary twist.

Hailing from Manchester, 21-year old creative director Michael Brown seamlessly blends his design influence from his home town's creative heritage with experiences from his travels. The result is a bold, graphic led-collection fused with a distinctive attention to detail, such as an injection of thicker collars, unusual prints, asymmetrical fastenings and quirky linings.

Besides the subtle yet original design detailing, what makes the brand stand out is the fact that this is a brand very much built on the support of Brown's family (His brother actually models for the line). This, combined with a love of music and urban life, have come together to create a line that is as stylish as it is wearable.

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