Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Countdown Continues....

Last month we reported on Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Lee Jeans' collaborative online installation entitled '100 Days of Active Resistance' and currently the website is in full swing. With a vast amount of contributors submitting images to the site- from fashion blogger Susie Bubble to Alister Mackie from Another Man- the project has so far been a huge success. As the countdown continues, we encourage you to submit your own photographs based on Westwood's principle ideas of positive thought, active change and of course, speaking up and being heard. Check out the below submissions:

This photo was taken in West Philadelphia though the situation that this soft toy memorial symbolises could be transferred to any urban city. I don't know who Tommy was, how he died, what the situation was but it seems sickeningly easy to presume what happened. There are problems right under our noses that more and more people choose to ignore because it's 'not their problem'. We accept these innocent murders as 'accidents', things that just happen and can't be eradicated due to very nature of our city environments but I suppose it's all the more frustrating and immediately poignant when you keep stumbling across the replacement teddy bears and spilt candle wax.
- Susie Bubble

“The power to resist in inside us all.”
- Image by Alex Rose styled by Alister Mackie

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