Friday, 8 October 2010

Becks Live Art Event with Jamie Brown this weekend

Becks may not be your drink of choice on a normal occasion - but this weekend - I think it ought to be considered as an option.

This month Beck's Shape Your Music Experience is giving away up to 25 million track downloads to consumers who get their hands on the Limited Edition Beck's art bottles and cans - all of which come with a unique code to download a track from

To initiate this wholly unique giveaway Becks have forged a relationship with infamous street artist Jamie Brown and Inventory Studio who will be creating HUGE live art billboards in London and Birmingham.

Luckily for us Londoners - we come first - with Brown abseiling down a billboard on the The Foundry in Shoreditch, the creative hub of East London, from 5am tomorrow morning to begin his music inspired painting - this will be no flash in the pan artwork - as he will still be there until Monday.

If you are not already tempted to head down to The Foundry to witness this spectacle - then perhaps this will spur you on - for the first 200 people [over 18] that get to the event from 12pm
will be given an art label entitling them to free limited edition Beck's bottle from The Old Blue Last on Great Eastern Street.

Sounds like an ideal Saturday afternoon.

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