Wednesday, 15 September 2010

oki-ni & J.W. Anderson S/S 11

Men's e-tailer, oki-ni has always had a prominent role in supporting young, up-and-coming designers and this London Fashion Week sees no exception. The latest collaboration is with one of the greatest emerging talents the British fashion industry has to offer, J.W. Anderson.

On Wednesday 22nd September, oki-ni will stream the J.W. Anderson S/S11 Show on the site, with the unique opportunity for customers to purchase items directly from the runway. Through this highly limited run, visitors to the site will be able to choose from 12 exclusive showpieces and will then receive the purchases within 2-4 work working days.

J.W. Anderson's new collection is guaranteed not to disappoint. Entitled 'The Devoured And I", the designer takes heavy inspiration from the photographer William Gedney, in turn documenting the "intimacy and journey of two people as they experiment and get lost in self -discovery- and subsequently the fallout and consequences of this". The result is a psychedelic fusion of clashing fabrics, patchwork and dip-dye on a tight silhouette.

This season, J.W. Anderson recieved sponsorship from Swarovski, hence embellishments are key within the collection, with an almost hallucinatory effect created on the boots, which appear to have Swarovski crystal formations growing from the toes.

Not only is the collaboration with oki-ni an innovative approach to reveal his collection, but it is this exploration of digital media that further breaks down barriers in the fashion world whereby the the traditional notions of seasons and the elitism that is often associated fashion have become removed.

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