Thursday, 16 September 2010

Katie Eary Launches Womenswear Line

As one of the rising menswear designers within the British fashion industry, Katie Eary has been attracting critical acclaim since the launch of her eponymous label as part of the Fashion East MAN collective two seasons ago. Synonymous for her bold, statement prints and her curious blend of traditional tailoring fused with urban street-wear styling; her work is often described as "aggressively beautiful".

With both sexes united in their love for her slick designs, it was only natural for Eary to take the next step and develop a range for women. Launched this September, her first ever womenswear line for Catwalk Genius will be available to purchase online here. The collection, which very much retains Eary's trademark ultra-detailed digital prints, is a unique offering of dresses, t-shirts, socks and tights with hyper-real python and leather prints.

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