Friday, 3 September 2010

Alexis Mabille x Pyrenex Premium pop up shop at Dover Street Market

In conjunction with London Fashion Week, Luxury French Label Pyrenex Premium will be showcasing their debut collection  with a fifteen day pop-up store at Dover Street's Air Gallery. From the 15th to 30th of September, the "Boutique Éphémère" shall be home to reworked creations courtesy of the very talented young couturier Alexis Mabille. Featuring sculpted, designs that are soft and supple and of a rather voluminous disposition; the collection is an almost futuristic reinvention of classic designs. With the likes of the humble bomber given Mabille's signature "excess luxury" feel,  traditional outerwear has been given a refreshing makeover with touches such as jewel-coloured fur trims. The contemporary designs are a sleek offering where urban sensibility is married together with an altogether more frivolous, whimsical brand of luxury, a perfect fusion of both performance and style.


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