Friday, 20 August 2010

Redesign Tomorrow. Today.

The Earth Awards is an aspirational platform that recognizes innovation and inspires positive change for all our futures. The awards celebrate designers from the worlds of Architecture, Innovation, Product Design, Process Efficiency, Fashion and Social Justice and gives shape to their vision. In all, it is the only truly global awards dedicated to identifying viable designs which have the potential to improve our quality of life and build a new economy.

Within the Fashion category, it blends sartorial design leadership with innovation in the use of sustainable ecouture materials, right through the supply chain and garment lifecycle. The Earth Awards believes in both the aesthetic and the ethical when it comes to high fashion.

Out the top six innovations within the fashion category, Jamie Lim's bamboo Kayu Eyewear has come out on top and will now compete with five finalists for $50,000 funding in a ‘Dragons Den-type’ pitch to CEOs at an FT Innovators to Investors Summit on 16 September. Selected finalists will also exhibit at HRH Prince of Wales’ Start Festival in London.

The Kayu sunglasses, designed as an ethical fashion statement where each pair sold funds sight-restoring surgery in the developing world, highlights the groundbreaking innovation needed to make the Earth Awards Shortlist.

Says Julie Gilhart, Earth Awards judge and Fashion Director at Barneys New York: “The Earth Awards is about empowering a new generation of innovators to propose new designs and technologies which have the potential to redesign our future. Cutting-edge fashion has always responded to the latest social trends; in such a competitive industry, it’s exciting to see undiscovered designers push through the crowd by gaining an ethical edge.”

For more on The Earth Awards, Click here.
For more on Kayu Lim's incredible bamboo eye-wear, Click here.


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