Monday, 23 August 2010

Key Looks Online

As devoted followers of Burberry and with a considerable penchant for one of their signature pieces, the label’s venture- Art Of The Trench- has consequently been quite an obsession of ours.

The site, which documents the history of the trench through iconic Burberry imagery, also reveals an intriguing project in collaboration with the world’s leading image makers as well as featuring works from the global creative community.

Launching with specially commissioned trench portraits courtesy of Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, the site consists of an eclectic mix of trench lovers from across the globe and even gives you the opportunity to submit your own portraits which you can do here.

Another luxury brand to catch onto the viral marketing bandwagon through Art/Fashion collaborations is Hermès with their newly launched  J’aime mon Carre. This highly visual site features street style inspired photograph’s of ‘IT’ girls from London, Paris, NY and Tokyo sporting their favourite scarves.

A particularly nice touch is their “Knotting Card” which teaches you to tie different knots, as well as some retro videos and snappy interviews.

All this site needs is a nod towards some gentlemen brandishing some scarves and the site would be complete!

For more on Art Of The Trench, Click Here.
For more on J’aime mon Carre, Click Here.

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