Friday, 30 July 2010

This Is Not A Suit Launch

Last night, 7TH MAN attended the launch of A. Sauvage’s This Is Not A Suit collection which was celebrated at the always stylish Matches in Marylebone. The collection, which was co-designed by George Lamb, drew many a familiar face to the event including Lily Allen, Coco Sumner and Britain’s Next Top Model’s Grace Woodward.

This sophisticated collection of suits all feature signature details such as rope shoulders, working horn buttons and double vents, as well as having slimline silhouettes with shorter lengths and comfortable volume in the slightly shorter sleeves.

With a warm palette consisting of midnight blue, plum, forest green and burnt orange; key items from this collection include a three piece country suit in grey Prince of Wales check and a blue City Suit in pin head wool.

The This Is Not A Suit collection will be stocked in both Matches and Harrods and expect to see A. Sauvage staging more exhibitions and separate projects to coincide with each new collection such as this one.

To see the new collection, click here.
To view more of A. Sauvage's This Is Not A Suit portraiture series, click here.


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