Tuesday, 25 May 2010

This Is Not A Suit

Having already made his name as a celebrated stylist, lifestyle guru and menswear designer; Adrien Sauvage has now made his first tentative steps into world of portraiture with his latest project entitled “This Is Not A Suit”:

The concept follows a simple logic within a strong framework. To explore the word suit and what it suggests. In each case, the artist invites subjects to wear garments from his collection and encourages them to express who they are whilst wearing a suit with no directorial interference. Having established the loose parameters of the experience it is left up to each subject to decide what to wear, diverse as they are, from the collection 000-1 - 000-11. 

Adrien has now set up a temporary portrait studio in Berlin. The first body of work is entitled NATIVES, LA shot on Venice Beach 05.10 and without further ado, here it is...

The overall project is not only a stunning photographic series but a fascinating study of a person’s relationship with sartorial individualism. For more on TNS, click here.

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