Friday, 23 July 2010

Roberto Cavalli 40th Anniversary Special Projects

It’s been forty years since Florentine designer Roberto Cavalli first made his mark on the world of fashion, and in celebration of this illustrious anniversary, the maison is launching a series of special projects during the second half of 2010.

Perhaps the most pivotal of these projects is a new section of the Roberto Cavalli website which is dedicated to the maison’s 40th anniverary. Features within this section include; a timeline which depicts, decade by decade, the career of Robert Cavalli and how he revolutionized fashion; a virtual museum offering a 360° panorama view of the maison’s twelve most significant dresses and lastly, a gallery of images revealing the vast amount of coverage the anniversary has received in some of the world’s most prestigious magazines. Furthermore, the site includes an in-depth section revolving around the anniversary’s Celebratory Book as well as a nod towards the evolution of the Roberto Cavalli corporate logo. This revamped logo is a graphic interpretation of forty years of fashion and is an emblem of the Cavalli Style and Spirit. The heraldic RC logo set inside the number zero is representative of a number of things, one being that of Venus, who is mythology represents Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love. She celebrates Roberto Cavalli’s love of women and all the passion that this designer has dedicated to them in forty years, enhancing their femininity and sensuality.

In conjunction with the launch of the anniversary section of the website, the maison has also created a number of limited edition products in honor of their incredible milestone.

The first out of this iconic range is the Roberto Cavalli Eyewear “Dea” Collection. These elegant eyewear feature an innovative etched mask front complete with signature artisan design with two edges revealed in snakeskin print leather. Available in two colour variations, the eyewear comes either in "warm" with pink gold and ivory snakeskin print leather or in a cooler shade of light blue paired with exclusive azure flash mirror lenses:

The second signature piece from the limited edition collection is the new 'Anniversary' watch. Characterized by fine materials, this watch is destined to become a benchmark on the panorama of ‘haute de gamme’ timepieces. The dial has a python-effect ‘guilloche’ engraving, while the strap is in real python skin with ‘deployant’ buckle. The ‘Anniversary’ model comes in a limited edition of 999 pieces, and it’s available in black and brown colors. Ultimately, this is a watch that meets the needs of clients looking for perfection in details:

Without question, the tipple of choice this season is the Roberto Cavalli Vodka. Concealed within a beautiful hand-decorated bottle, some may be more tempted by the outside rather than the contents within! Featuring the maison’s symbolic snake wrapped around the bottle, it is embellished in pure gold. What’s more, the bottle top becomes a precious seal in pure gold galvanised brass and bears the word ‘Anniversary’:


To find out more about Roberto Cavalli and to check out the Anniversary site, click here.


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