Saturday, 24 July 2010

Ghosts in Architecture

Last week amongst hectic schedule of Berlin Fashion Week, Damir Doma found time to present his new S/S11 “Silent” collection. In conjunction with this launch, a rooftop extravaganza took place in Germany’s capital, where Doma revealed a collaborative piece entitled “Ghost’s in Architecture” where he worked alongside such industry greats as electronic music pioneer, DJ Hell and image maker, Malcolm Pate.

This exclusive video installation explores the essence and core of the Damir Doma’s universe, further enhancing his quest to fuse mind, body and spirit:

For S/S 11, Doma’s avant-garde casual collection “Silent” is a sleek fusion of soft flowing jerseys, denim, leather bags and accessories in a palette of neutral hues with bold splashes of mustard. The result is a line of beautiful, effortless garments which are not only truly wearable but will work either alone or as part of a complete sophisticated look:


  1. Love this last image, the draping is amazing.

    I like that backpack too.

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