Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Pop-Down To The Pop-Up

Today, 7TH MAN was lucky enough to receive a sneak preview of The Jacques Townhouse, located in the heart of central London. This pop-up boutique hotel will be home to the Jacques Soirees, a Jacques twist on the quintessential English tea party which will be curated by the super-stylish songstress, Sophie Ellis Bextor.

The evenings shall take place from tonight for ten nights within the walls of this eccentric wonderland, where guests can enjoy a tipple of Jacques, munch on bespoke cupcakes courtesy of Vintage Patisseries or, if they are so inclined, receive a BeneFit make-over in the downstairs powder room before sampling the delights of a theatrical DJ performance every night.

This ├╝ber stylish townhouse, which appears as though it was conceived as the love child of Tim Walker and Tim Burton; was in fact transformed by the ever so charming David Carter, creator of East London mirco boutique hotel 40WINKS. Designed to be the ultimate urban orchard, this whimsical world features surprises around every corner, from a theatrical concierge, to dramatic tarot readers to spectacular indoor trees adorned with beautiful vintage trinkets:

If you wish to indulge in a bit of shameless fantasy this summer, make sure to check out www.facebook.com/jacques for more details.


  1. 'Marie Antoinette' large cakes made by Cordelia Weston, Prop Stylist for The Jacques Townhouse! x

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