Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Capsule New York - Spring 2011 Previews

On tuesday morning, Seventh Man stopped by the Capsule Show in New York! Catching up with all the designers was great, but this season all the items speak by themselves. Here are some previews of our favorites!

The patterns but especially the fabrics make the collection at Timo Weiland.
Below, designer-partner Alan Eckstein models one of his favorites.
Which is almost a tie-dye yet restrained enough to be casual.

And, this backpack is perfect for spring.

Swear continues to create new shapes each season.

A lightweight matt leather Spurr cardigan-top.

What joy to get a preview at Bstore for Liberty Of London.
The prints incorporated with the classic tee
and button down.

Still creating the coolest tees around, and this one's a must.

A Henrik Vibskov backpack!

(capsule) isn't just about clothing. And we're more than the words trade and show imply.
We're a group of comrades and likeminded creators, gathering each season to share the
fruits of our labor. Style is our medium; the sum of our parts (designers, retailers, editors,
admirers, bloggers, stylists, fans, writers, peacocks, art directors, and hangers on) is
simply amazing. Season after season, the results of our whole are never like always
at all, at all.

Thank you Designers, Capsule.
Can't wait to see all these in action during NY fashion week!

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