Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sefton Style

Tucked away in the heart of Islington, Sefton is perhaps one of the coolest boutiques to hit North London. Launched by style savvy entrepreneur Ben Elsdale back in 1999, the store has gone from strength to strength over the years; so much so that the men’s and women’s divisions eventually split in two. The sibling boutiques (which sit proudly opposite one another on Upper Street) offer an eclectic mix of homegrown designers, from Vivenne Westwood to Barbour, as well as championing the designs of the freshest new talent to infiltrate the fashion market.

What’s more, Sefton also stock their own brand of products consisting of wardrobe essentials such as tailored wool suits and smart cotton shirts, as well as a vast selection of utterly stylish accessories.

While a visit to this store is an absolute must, Sefton’s website is definitely worth a look especially as the summer sale is now on which offers customers a whopping 70% off. For more see


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