Monday, 14 June 2010

All Tied Up

When it comes to men's accessories, there’s nothing more essential than the necktie. From the classic skinny black tie to the wonderfully whimsical creations à la Nicole Deponte; what you place around your neck can really make or break your outfit.

Nicole Deponte

However, there’s a lot to be said about the humble bow-tie. As the ultimate accessory for black tie events, it’s formal connotations have in the past left many men hesitant to include this dapper number in their day-to-day dressing. Although, this appears to be no longer the case as the bow-tie has made an explosive revival what with the models of the Spring/Summer 10 catwalks donning this style statement on all kinds of looks- from classic to hipster to all out retro.

From the crushed velvet bow-ties matched with dusty denim as sported on the catwalks of D&G, to the utterly quirky "geek- chic" style of Dsquared; the bow-tie is undoubtedly a key look this season.


While many of these designers offer this accessory in a pre-approved knot; there’s nothing quite like tying your own bow-tie. Though it does appear to be a bit of a lost art these days. So why not pick up a vintage bow-tie, follow our step by step instructions and bring back this on-trend accessory in all it’s glory?!

But if all else fails, you could always take a leaf out of Mr. Bond's book...


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