Thursday, 27 May 2010

Elegantly Dry.

The beginnings of what can only be described as a classically volatile British summer are creeping into the atmosphere, scorching sun one moment and hard lashings of rain the next.

What better way to eclipse the moody grey clouds than to counteract them with a classic yet contemporary rain proof mac.

No need to champion the bin liner look at festivals when you could be the PROUD owner of one of the Fred Perry originals: The esteemed British leisure wear brand have collaborated with The British Millerain Co Ltd to create a men's dry wax fishing jacket, that is evidently remeniscent of paddington's natty little waterproof whilst eminating effortlessly dry style.

The must have addition to any mud-ready British Summer outfit.

These waxed wonders come in both navy and shocking yellow, so you can either blend or shine.

They retail at £195 and are available online and in store: get yours from

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