Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Black Fleece of the Family.

The new Black Fleece fragrance by Brooks Brothers reflects designer Thom Browne’s approach to the brand’s enduring clothing design classics. Says Tom: ‘The fragrance Black Fleece is a timeless, original scent, evocative of that man who sits in a library or parlour, smoking and drinking whiskey...’

Dependable and earthy in its style, the fragrance might have been buried in heritage nostalgia had it not been masterfully balanced with the same modern/tailored elegance that designer Tom Browne has brought to the clothing house itself.

Warm enveloping base notes of patchouli, incense and cedarwood follow a modern and distinctly uplifting twist of pepper, lavender, and grapefruit (amongst others). The bottles are designed in grey ceramic (creamy white for the female scent), and take on a 1950’s inspiration and feel – solid, organic, and decidedly comforting to hold. Cleverly, the housing carton and set box are designed to mimic the construction of a tailored jacket, and importantly, are produced with environmentally conscious sensibility.

Perfumer: Vincent Schaller.

Black Fleece is exclusively available from Harrods.

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