Tuesday, 6 April 2010

High Street Heritage

It is easily forgotten how influential the high streets of London are, what with all the flamboyant distractions hurled at us from all corners of the media and fashion industry, but really, mesnwear on the highstreet is at an all time boom.

Take for example Reiss: the infamous British retailer whose Market Place store I found myself in today. Their SS10 collection in it's entirety may not be eye catchingly dramatic, but look at the individual pieces and you are in for a credit friendly delight..

My favourites from their collection are the carrot trousers, so called because of their superbly tapered shape, and available in navy, a vintage shade of blue and a murky fawn. These trousers will take you all the way through spring and summer, and leave you looking dazzling and on trend in Autumn, as long as you pair with some handsome brogue boots and snazzy ankle attire.

And what a sublime coincidence - Reiss have a selection of silk mix socks which have subtly quirky patterns, which will neither offend your neighbour nor escape their notice.

There is also a rather enticing double breasted denim jacket, which injects both an AW10 and SS10 feel depending on what you team it with.

Their shoes are another strength: powder blue sueded brogues, camel brogues and canvas pumps, if your destined abroad this Summer then it really is time we embraced the premium highstreet and let it do our packing for us.


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