Thursday, 1 April 2010

Dr. Martens: Happy 50th Anniversary!!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Dr. Martens brand, which was founded on 1st April 1960.

To commemorate this historic occasion, Dr. Martens is issuing a limited edition version of its iconic 1460 boot and 1461 shoe in a beautiful and unusual pebble leather, available in black and its signature ox blood colour.

1460 pairs of the eight-hole boot and 1461 pairs of the three-hole shoe will be available worldwide from today.

Packed in a beautiful black box with foiled gold lettering, it also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Dr. Martens also celebrate this momentous day with a brand new and exciting online and poster campaign.

Celebrating its long history of the fusion between music and fashion, Dr. Marten has especially chosen 10 cult classic tracks and paired these with 10 of the most up-coming and influential recording artists and musicians of today worldwide. Together with the most happening video directors, 10 exciting videos have been created especially for Dr. Martens.

3 of these videos will be released today on the Dr. Martens website:

The first is a super slick and beautiful video with The Noisettes, covering “Never Fallen in Love” by the Buzzcocks, directed by Rankin.

The second is a crazy over-the-top visual feast with Dam-Funk, covering “The Thing that Dreams are Made of” by the Human League, directed by Ace Norton.

The third video is a super cool, black & white editorial looking piece, with Duke Spirit covering “If the Kids are United”, directed by Jamie Morgan.

The other 7 videos will be released in installments throughout the rest of the year, with artists such as Buraka Som Sistema (from Portugal) covering “Buffalo Stance” from Nenah Cherry, the Raveonettes, MC5’s Michael David with D.O.A. and Cinematic Orchestra.

You can also view behind the scenes footage of these great videos as well as the history of Dr. Martens on their website:


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