Wednesday, 16 September 2009


We at 7TH MAN are huge fans of the TOM FORD brand - we think that Tom Ford epitomizes the qualities of the 7TH MAN: modern, sophisticated, intelligent and mysterious with an individual and a tongue-in-cheek twist.

We were really excited to learn in-depth how these qualities extend into his fragrance range.
7TH MAN recently met with the lovely and super chic Melissa from TOM FORD BEAUTY who went over in detail the various TOM FORD fragrances.
(Thank you Melissa for your time!!)

So, here’s a crash course in the TOM FORD fragrances!!

The fragrance range currently comes in 2 different collections: TOM FORD Signature and TOM FORD Private Blend.
The Signature range can be compared to a luxury “Ready-to-wear” collection, where the Private Blend would be more “Haute Couture”.

The Signature collection consists of 2 fragrances catered especially for men: Tom Ford for Men and Tom Ford for Men Extreme, both in the now infamous fluted glass bottles.Considering these 2 fragrances have a wood base with notes of tobacco, they are surprisingly not too heavy at all (unlike most of the men’s scents that are around at the moment) and they last for a very long time – a sign of a top quality scent!!Interestingly also, 30% of the total sale of “Black Orchid” (from the women’s Signature collection) is bought by men for themselves!

The Private Blend collection is a more exclusive range, consisting of 13 super luxurious scents, housed in beautiful weighty brown bottles reminiscent of chess pieces.
(The larger bottles look like whiskey decanters!)
With names such as Tuscan Leather & Japon Noir, these fragrances are inspired by the exotic places Tom has visited around the world.
The best sellers for men within this range are Italian Cypress & Bois Marocain – but the whole of the Private Blend range is meant for “open interpretation” - suitable for both men and women.
The scents in this collection are a lot richer and deeper than the Signature range.

And don’t even get us started on the beautiful packaging!!!

(BTW, a new fragrance will be added to the Signature collection in November this year – Watch this space - can’t wait!!)

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