Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lighting the way with Paul Edmonds’ candle collection

Paul Edmonds, hair extraordinaire, has added a new collection of premium candles to his ever growing brand.  The limited edition range, inspired but Paul’s mother and two daughters, combines luxury and calming ambience while reflecting each woman’s individual career. 
With his new lifestyle enterprise, Edmonds’ holistic approach brings a lifetime of memories to life for his loyal clients.  “Lucie," strong and sensitive with a feel of foreign travel, mixes green fig and Moroccan spices.  The sweet, loving and feisty, “Naomi” combines a seductive elixir of blackcurrent, geranium and sandalwood for the girl who always gets what she wants.
With the next blends already underway,  soon the Paul Edmonds customer will be able to celebrate the 25 year old brand  by bringing the fragrances into their own homes.  
“It is always a nice experience at Paul Edmonds.  The atmosphere and professionalism is wonderful.  I would recommend his services to anyone.” -Dan Blake, Fashion Editor 
The candles start at £34 and can be purchased from Paul Edmonds London 
217 Brompton Road, London SW3 2EJ 
Available to order on 0844 770 9410

By Courtney Beard Fashion Assistant


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