Friday, 24 June 2011


Our September issue is officially on the tracks going full speed.

This week you may have spotted us jumping in and out of taxis throughout London, casually resting phone in one hand and a starbucks in the other... Or, more realistically - avoiding traffic/reading emails as we impatiently cross the road. Either way you look at it, we have been planning, coordinating and piecing together our 4th issue. Its been an exciting week and the issue is set to be our best yet.

Yesterday saw our editor-in-chief, Dean Hau, celebrate his birthday! Today, in Notting Hill the teams out in full force shooting for the new issue. Although, admittedly not the most exciting photo, here is a low quality shot taken from my blackberry. We think you might recognise the face in front of the camera, any guesses?

Its been a productive and busy week for all of us. And the weekend invites our rejuvenation machines (duvet + ITV2) in preparation for an for an exciting Monday.

This weekend I am off to the country in search of some fresh air and a warm pub. Simple enough. Bringing it straight back to the clothes, I made the assumption I wouldn't get served wearing my fur coat, shoulder pads and bowler hat (am i joking?) in the conservative village of Chedworth. Not exactly wanting to walk in wearing a tweed outfit and wellies. I have been online... have revamped my wardrobe giving me some colour blocking T's. I have been wearing their drop crotch carrot bottoms high waisted (too regularly) tied together with a vintage belt. They have some really cool looks, its worth checking out, especially as they have reasonable price points.

Aside from my weekend away, I am going to be waiting like a groupie that needs to be watched carefully by security, The menswear store opens 1st July on Beak street (just off carnaby street). My overdraft is ready.

By Lewis Taylor Fashion Assistant.
Twitter : @TheLewisTaylor


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