Tuesday, 7 June 2011


At 7th MAN we are all excited summers on its way.. Until we came across the 'TSHIRT STORE' in Covent Garden we thought we were passionate about T's, but, it turns out these guys are the real deal! With the slogan 'dedicated to Tshirts', and promise to bring a new design every week, the "TSHIRT STORE' aims to breath new life
into Tshirts up and down our high streets. We love the variety, expression and price of everything and simply had to get our mitts on some of our favourite designs for the

If you want to make your/anyones newly born baby a massive gameboy there is an excellent selection for the tiney people. For the normal sized people, we particularly liked the Andre Lorenz stock.

The TSHIRT STORE also has a website to purchase everything nice n' easy online.

By Lewis Taylor Fashion assistant.


  1. Check out my clothing line UK "Urban Klothes" shows my designs & the latest styles http://kjmusicfashion.blogspot.com/

  2. Oh dear... I love the design..All are perfect.. :)