Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Gran Patron’s Father’s Day Tipple

Gran Patron’s Father’s Day Tipple

With Father's Day rapidly approaching, it's high-time you started thinking over gift options before you stitch up the old man with a last minute "World's Greatest Dad" mug or a Marks and Spencers hankerchief.

For the more discerning Father, Patron Tequila have released Gran Patron Platinum: a triple-distilled, hand-harvested platinum tequila cultivated in the Hacienda Del Patron, Jalisco, Mexico.

It's an ideal gift for the afficianado as well as the amateur, arriving in a hand-carved wooden box and velvet bag. So why not dip your hands in those long pockets and give the old boy something special this year with the world's finest tequila?

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