Friday, 8 April 2011

Otis Batterbee 'The masculine way to grooming'

Otis Batterbee Gift-set £95

The idea behind accessories designed especially  for men  is not one that easily appeals to every single man. Some think that it diminishes their masculinity and others just don't like the thought of having to worry about accessories on top of everything else.

That's where Otis Batterbee comes in. The men's accessory brand that is designed in England and created by Otis Batterbee himself, honours and values the long-standing idea of a well-groomed man. Quality construction, good design and the use of the best possible materials are the core values of Otis Batterbee.

From  grooming accessories & cufflings to 100% cotton pocket squares and incredibly well crafter waxed wash bags and travel accessories, Otis Batterbee developed a range that is a must-have for every discerning modern man.

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By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

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