Friday, 18 March 2011

NIKE X Liberty London sneaker collection

We are always a bit weary when we hear that different designers and brands are going to collaborate because sometimes the result is not exceptional.The designer wants to be creative, the brand wants to sell more so they're playing it safe, so it must be a bit daunting to actually await for the end result of such a collaboration.

Fortunately this is not the case with NIKE and Liberty London. The sportswear brand collaborated with probably one of the oldest stores in London to create a 12 piece capsule collection that incorporates the Liberty London trademark prints onto 4 of the most popular NIKE trainers including the Air Force 1 and the Dunk Hi.

The 12 piece trainer capsule collection Nike x Liberty London, will be available at Liberty from the 1st of April and 10 pieces will go to all other stores and globally from 1st of May as 2 of them will be exclusively for Liberty's.

Take a closer look at more images from the collection after the jump!

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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