Wednesday, 2 March 2011

BLAST by Christopher Raeburn a/w'11

Showcased as part of NEWGEN men's, BLAST by Christopher Raeburn a/w'11 continues to exhibit the undying love of exploration the designer has for military heritage, fabric technology and garment reappropriation.

'Inspired by our research into the original garments...each piece pays tribute to the objective of the real item-whether protection,camouflage,speed or warmth- and injects a new life and striking functionality through our complete redesign' said Christopher Raeburn.

From pop-out jackets utilising deconstructed Swiss military macs to German Parkas,duffel coats made up entirely from military trousers and the new 'British' range where the designer was working exclusively with dead stock from british-made wool, BLAST is definitely a unique range of outerwear that looks set to propel the young designer into a very exciting and rewarding season.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant
Photography : Alexander Philip Aristotelous

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