Thursday, 10 March 2011

7thMAN Must-Have: Loro Piana x Barberini Sunglasses

N.P.E.L.P.* lenses -which is an acronym for  Neodymium, Praseodymium and Erbium and LP for Loro Piana (the Italian luxury brand)- are the result of a collaboration with Barberini the leading producer of optical glass solar protection lenses.

After extensive research, Mr. Vetrini, engineer, pilot and CEO of Barberini, developed a unique lens for the gliding World Championship in Rieti, Italy (2008). In this sport, long distance acuity, image definition and the ability to identify even the slightest colour shades are essential. N.P.E.L.P. lenses represent the evolution of that research process and the best quality “lenses” for those who need protection and deep view during sun exposure.

In a marketplace where most high-street brands develop their own range of 'one-use sunglasses', quality protection is a very important issue when it comes to purchasing sunglasses; So it would be best to splurge on an amazing pair of Loro Piana that will grant you both protection and fashion forward unique style.

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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