Monday, 7 February 2011

What went down at Copenhagen Fashion Week this weekend!

Soulland A/W '11

The Copenhagen Fashion Week is always one to spot new talents, emerging new trends and brands that we would like to see being featured in many editorials and stocked in London boutiques.

For Autumn/Winter 2011-12, the designers at Copenhagen fashion week moved away from the norm and broke free from the sartorial tailoring of both Milan and Paris fashion weeks, showing an array of luxury loungewear outfits,easy to wear pieces and most of all inspired a youthful attitude towards menswear.

Henrik Vibskov A/W'11

Henrik Vibskov is propably one of the most detail infused enthusiasts of this past decade.His shows are always a fantastic alternative to the usual boring walking down the runway shows and the A/W'11 presentation didn't dissappoint.Starting off the models were presented sitting round an immense table and one by one were doing the rounds presenting his hobo-esque sci-fi meets heritage collection.Featuring several navajo and fairisle printed sweatpants,pegged in at the leg or shorts worn over tights, the designer volumised the outfit with oversized deconstructed wool coats and vibrant nylon parkas.

Danish brand Wood Wood definitely needs to make a move into the UK market.The A/W'11 offering was full of chunky cable-knit knitwear, printed head &neck knit shawls and tight long-johns.Buffalo plaid shirts, military influenced jackets,capes and even bomber leather jackets infected the catwalk with the necessary pinch of cool.We might've just found our new favourite brand!

Soulland A/W'11

For a brand that started out in 2002 producing printed t-shirts they have done pretty good for themselves as the brand is now stocked in several boutiques in Europe & the USA but it has also evolved into a full-blown design brand to watch.After a small presentation at Paris Fashion Week, the Danish brand returned home for an excellent presentation at Copenhagen fashion week.

This is what designer Silas had to say about the brand's revolutionary new collection "For the autumn/winter 2011 collection we studied the uniforms of the soldiers who fought the civil war and the flags they served under. We were particularly inspired by the portraits of the time and the sense of honor in the soldiers that comes across in the portraits.We especially looked at the hobo soldiers, their layering has served as a great inspiration throughout the development of the collection.”

By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant

Photography Copenhagen Fashion Week®

Have a look after the jump to see more pictures from Copenhagen Fashion Week!

Astrid Andersen's hip-hop inspired A/W'11 collection

Jean//Philip A/W'11
By Andreas Menelaou Features Assistant


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