Monday, 6 December 2010

D:U:M Idea

It's been a whole decade since Diesel launched D:U:M, a yearly unsigned music talent awards and worldwide support network with some of the most exciting new artists, labels, radio stations, journalists and producers linked world-over. Over the years, D:U:M has consistently being growing and evolving-tying in the label's recent BE STUPID campaign to include a battle of the bands style competition, but with the twist being that the fan takes centre stage.

This year D:U:M has been working extra hard to support the best new emerging bands in honor of its tenth anniversary and have decided to end this year in style. Teaming up with their favourite bands-The Invisible, Crystal Fighters and Delorean, they shall be offering customers a series of exclusive free music remixes. So if you buy a pair of Diesel jeans between 7th and 24th of December you will recieve two free tracks by the bands, remixed by names such as Gatto Frito and Etienne Jaumet, all brand new and unique to D:U:M.

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