Monday, 29 November 2010

The New Kid

Whilst he didn't know how to sew before going to university, Domingo Rodriguez is embarking on an exciting and exclusive partnership with in one of his first commercial projects.

A graduate of Liverpool John Moores university in 2008 and former student at London College of Fashion, Rodriguez has fast become one of London's most desirable designers who mixes architectural sillouettes and luxury. His success as a young designer has seen him secure the Harold Tilman Scholarship, which is organised by its namesake, the chairman of the British Fashion Council and the winner of the inaugural Wolf and Badger Graduate Design Award.

The former intern for Delphine Wilson Kntwear, Kim Jones and Carolyn Massey, Rodriguez was chosen by for the MA}ke initiative, organised by the e-retailer and the London College of Fashion which supports MA graduates, which will go on sale this week. Chosen alongside a womenswear designer, Youngli Lee, his collection is an impressive mix of soft cut lines and sharp tailoring constructed using luxurious fabrics and a refined pallet of nudes and neutrals. The simplicity of the collection is a great addition to the site but also gives Rodriguez the recognition he deserves into the commercial mainstream, eventually, hopefully, making him a household name in the near future.

Words by Dan Hasby Oliver

Images courtesy of


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