Monday, 8 November 2010

Dr. Martens Flagship Store in Spring Street

In conjunction with its 50th anniversary british-based footwear, Dr. Martens opened their doors in NYC.

The store's decor is based around the furniture and fixtures you could expect to find in the raw and industrial Northamptonshire, England factory. Reflecting the sense of craft involved in Dr. Martens' boots and shoes, all fittings used in the store are authentic and durable.

The store will carry a full offering of boots, shoes, sandals and accessories as well as a special limited edition 1460 boot in Liberty green and Big Apple red that will be carried exclusively in the Soho store.

Even though it is hard to believe this is the brands first retail store in New York. Which is why the opening is grand to every New Yorker, who no longer are limited to ten or minus colors and styles that are carried around the city. And, you will have to see the quantity for yourself, sizes for all and most are unisex!

Located at 148 Spring Street, New York


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