Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Diesel U Music 10th Birthday House Party

7th Man Magazine was invited to Diesel U Music's 10th birthday house party last Friday night at The Roost in London, to celebrate their past decade in supporting up and coming music talent around the world.

The house party in Dalston featured a special around the piano live show with Chilly Gonzales with special guest vocalists, as well as live music from Theophilus London, Django Django and DJ sets from Romy of The XX, Jefferson Hack and Jarvis.
While we sipped on Rekorderlig Cider, Cusqueña beer and Havana Club, we caught up on the latest with Pam Hogg, Jarvis Cocker and Little Boots, who was wearing Diesel Black Gold.

Below is a video on the event.....
(Did we mention the invite to this event arrived as a tape cassette mixtape? Genius!!)

It was so good we are still recovering!!!!


  1. awesome!!! LOVE the video!!!!!!!!!!!

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