Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Diesel launches Turbo Denim range

Diesel has launched a revolutionary new denim that in 30 days, will adapt to the way you wear your jeans and imprints the way you live your life onto in.

An exclusive partnership between the iconic denim brand and ISKO™, the world’s leading denim manufacturer, has inspired the creation "TurbotechTM". The ISKO™ patented TurbotechTM technology means denim can now evolve to fit the body’s movements, adapting to the wearer’s lifestyle. It will take on the shape of a wallet, MP3 player, keys – anything, in fact, you carry around in the pockets of your jeans – customising your denim garment and making it truly one of a kind and unique to your life.
With the special weave and indigo dyeing process, the garments quickly take on a vintage, stone-washed effect look that’s always changing. After a few washes the garments fade and start to reflect the unique imprint of their wearer.

“This incredible, innovative fabric, developed in collaboration with ISKO™, allows denim to live and change according to the wearer’s lifestyle. It’s a real second skin – enjoy it!” says enthusiast Renzo Rosso, president and founder of Diesel.
To launch their new Turbo Denim range, Diesel have issued the public with a challenge to help tell the technological story of Turbo Denim in a fun, engaging way and in classic Diesel style.
For 30 days, each purchaser of a pair of Turbo Denim jeans is encouraged to become part of the challenge: namely, how messed up, worn in and roughed up can you get your Turbo Denim’s, and what/where and how you wore them to get them looking like this.....
Each pair of jeans will come with a zip card which will act as a guide or checklist of ways to help 'vintage customize' your jeans - 30 tasks for 30 days.

You can photograph your best efforts and upload them to or visit The most innovative and imaginative methods will be in the draw for one of Diesels amazing prizes!!

(We have completed Day 1 of our 30 days challenge..... watch this space for our updates!)

For more information on Turbo Denim range and challenge, please see their website.


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