Friday, 26 November 2010

Comme des Garcon holiday exclusive at Dover Street Market

7th Man Magazine was one of the first to preview the new colourful Comme des Garcon 2010 holiday campaign that was launched at Dover Street Market in London today.

As the temperature plummets and we approach the depths of winter where most of the store seem to only stock clothing in sombre monochrome or sparking partywear, it was great to see the explosion of colours and fun quirky items at the renowned London high fashion fashion destination store.

For this latest campaign called "Merry Happy Crazy Colour", Comme des Garcon was inspired by the work of "assume vivid astro focus" (avaf). a visual and performance artist group originally based in Mexico.
This holiday collection consists of various limited edition products in all kinds of mad bright colours, designed and curated by Comme des Garcons - a total of over 16 totally different products are available in this range, each comes in an myriad of different bright colours which will make the most perfect gifts for this festive season.

These products include signature Comme des Garcons pieces in vibrant crazy colours such as the teddy bears in the bright polka dot fabrics, the new perfume contained in a hand made papier mache covered bottles, multicoloured patchwork knits and PLAY T-shirts as well as the green, pink, and yellow cotton shirts and matching sarouels.

Other curated pieces from around the world includes resin jewellery from Thai designer Ek Thongprasert, men's heavy metal chain necklaces from Florian of Austria, a lego block ornament from New York's Nathan Sawaya.

Each item has a hang tag showing the work of avaf, and comes wrapped in a carrier bag featuring the same artwork which comes in pink, blue or yellow.

Today Comme des Garcon also premiered their latest "Super Fluo" wallets at Dover Street Market today. Although not a part of the "Merry Happy Crazy Colour" collection, but with its super bright pieces made in the softest goat leather, it would sit beautifully with the rest of the quirky rainbow coloured items displayed in the various different parts of the store.
.... the real question is..... how did they get that massive white elephant into the shop window at 5am this morning???

The Merry Happy Crazy Colour collection is available till end of January 2011.


  1. I like the elephant

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