Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Capsule Collection From Frosdick

Frosdick of London, renowned for their universally accredited safari boots, have just launched the worlds most luxurious package deal. The "Million dollar dandy" offer is exactly that.
For the princely sum of one million dollars you will be kitted out by some of Savile Rows finest tailors including Henry Poole, a favourite of the Royal Family, and Schneider of Clifford Street. Clothing includes no less than 14 Savile Row suits, custom-made from your choice of fabrics, 28 dress shirts, 28 sumptuous silk ties and 14 pairs of shoes and boots, made from the most exotic leathers available worldwide.

Leisurewear has not been forgotten and this is where Turnbull & Asser step in. For this lucky dandy an elegant selection of smoking jackets and dressing gowns, subtley scattered with diamonds, will be provided, ensuring that whether relaxing with a brandy or reading a novel in bed you will remain the pinnacle of sophistication.
This capsule collection is certainly not destined for an IKEA wardrobe. Instead Viscount David Linley will create an ornate wardrobe from the most precious woods, exclusively for your new threads.

While wearing such exclusively stunning outfits it is only right that your car be of the same Savile Row standard. For this reason, Bristol, sole British-owned luxury car maker, will provide a motocar for your needs.

Although undeniably expensive this package is an impressive deal; impeccably tailored suits, custom-made evening jackets, the finest leather shoes, an ornate wardrobe and a car to boot! Elegance is only $1 million away.......

Words by Ann McLaughlin


  1. I do own the package and it's exactly as miss McLaughlin puts it here: sophisticated, elegant, and above all, say, an overstated bargain. A lovely offer indeed. Go for it.


  2. Great post! I’ve heard Doc Martens are very comfortable.

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