Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Paul Smith's early Christmas

Christmas comes very early this year as 7th Man Magazine was invited earlier today to view the Christmas Gifts collection at beautiful interior store in London's Albemarle Street.

Apart from the fun and luxurious Christmas gift items such as the Alexander Girard handmade Nativity set, cashmere bow ties and striped bone china, we were thrilled to discover that Paul Smith have been collaborating with several well known brands to produce highly desirable gifts to feature on our most wanted list for Christmas.

The signature multi-coloured stripes adorned items such as the Paul Smith Vapor Snowboard by Burton Snowboards, the Paul Smith and Kashimax bicycle saddle and the Paul Smith for Giro cycling helmet.

The Flip camera given the Paul Smith striped treatment

Paul Smith for Edelwiser skis

Paul Smith for G-Shock watches

Paul Smith skateboards

Not to mention the new Paul Smith Man 2 fragrance, which is currently available in the Paul Smith stores and selected Boots stores only!

Its going to be a very happy stripey Christmas!!
(We wonder if Paul Smith do Christmas wrapping paper in their signature stripes?)

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