Monday, 27 September 2010

Omar Kashoura S/S11

At this season's FASHION EAST exhibition at LFW, Omar Kashoura unveiled his new collection "NEW Ease" with a little help from a brass jazz quintet, who donned his designs.

The collection, which pays homage to quintessential English tailoring, gives a modern twist on the 1940's war-time philosophy of "make do and mend". The result is a line of elegant garments where an abundance of hand-stitched details adorn salvaged cloth from previous collections, while over-dyed and ribbon patching have been utilised to rework past to future.

A modern reinterpretation of the masculine box shoulder silhouette feature throughout the collection as does a series of timeless additions to every man's wardrobe- single-breasted checked suits, classic crew neck tees and wide lapel suits- all re-imagined in luxurious materials and in soft muted palette.

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