Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Innovation and luxury combined at Dunhill

When we say Dunhill to you, what do you think??
For a lot of people the thoughts of old gentlemen smoking cigars wearing old tweed and wool suits are the only images that come to mind.

Oh how that image of the Dunhill brand has changed over the past few years!!

Under the creative direction of Kim Jones, the Dunhill brand has transformed itself into one of the most sought after luxury mens brands of today.

Without losing the brand's history, but instead delving straight into the archives and heritage of Dunhill, and combining this with what modern technology has to offer, Kim Jones has re-established Dunhill firmly as a menswear stronghold and created a perfect brand for the modern man who appreciates quality and luxury without frills and fuss - for a man who is confident, sophisticated and understated.

This unique quality of Dunhill was obvious as 7TH MAN was invited to view the collection of seasonal gifts available for Christmas 2010 - the technology and thinking behind each luxury gift items are incredibly inspiring.

Out of the numerous wonders shown to us - too many to feature here - below is our selected 5:

The Biometric Wallet
Innovation and technology at its best - this wallet requires your finger print to open.
Its made of carbon fibre that is virtually indestructible yet lightweight.
It can be alarmed and linked to your mobile phone should either be separated
away from each other within a certain distance.
No larger than a regular men's wallet, and can hold credit cards as well as notes.

The Moonphases Watch
Designed by Dunhill, movement by JaegarLeCouture.
Beautiful dial with elegant rubber strap - the perfect combination of the classic with the modern.
There is also the Facet Watch with 18ct pink gold casing and a 21 jewel JaegarLeCouture calibre 822 movement.

The Alligator Flynn Bag
The mark of absolute luxury epitomised in a bag.
This one even wins over the Green Alligator backpack we fell in love with at the AW10 Dunhill runway show.

The Custom Shirt
With the help of the Dunhill master tailor in London's Dunhill Bourdon House,
the recipient of this gift can choose from 400 shirting cloths with 9 collar options and 5 cuff options.
This gift presents itself as an elegant double cuff with cufflink in the beautiful signature Dunhill black gift box.

The Addressed Notebooks
As featured on the AW10 runway show, the inspiration behind this item came from
Winston Churchill's personal notebooks, which had his address engraved on their covers -
so that if he had left his notebooks in the Gentlemen's Club, they could be returned to his address.
The covers of these limited edition notebooks feature the Dunhill's Bourdon House address in London,
together with a real vintage postage stamp from the 1930s.

For more on these fantastic gifts and games collection, you can visit the Dunhill website here.

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