Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Machine-A Presents Fanny and Jessy 'Vaniloquence'

Tonight sees the launch of yet another visual delight at designer boutique Machine-A. In conjunction  with the arrival of design duo Fanny and Jessy's AW10 collection to the store, the new pieces will be exhibited upstairs while their new film Vaniloquence by Danny Sangra will be showing downstairs in  the Machine-A gallery space.

Inspired by an androgynous, unisex audience, Vaniloquence is a dark and polished collection consisting of sporty, streamlined silhouettes given a certain grunge demeanour thanks to materials such as mesh,  knit, and waxed cotton.

Vaniloquence is the second film that Danny Sangra has directed for Fanny and Jessy and will be showing at two intervals during the evening. Fanny And Jessy have been working with Danny since their first collection I hope you die soon, in which he has been responsible for their popular printed t-shirt designs.

“It’s a good combination as they [Fanny and Jessy] trust me to make something they will like. It’s great to be able to work on prints with them and make their films. Also Rowdy Superst*r created the perfect fitting soundtrack. He chopped and sewed together a surreal dark wonderland soundtrack.” -Danny Sangra

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