Wednesday, 11 August 2010

John Varvatos << USA Accessories Collection

Debuting this Autumn/Winter is John Varvatos's latest export of cuting-edge cool. With rather a more youthful slant than the designer's eponymous collection, John Varvatos USA exudes a preppy-meets-rocker style based on an "imperfectly perfect" appeal.

The collection has a meticulous attention to detail, with the bags hand-stitched in Italian leather, complete with raw-cut edges and chunky hardware that give an edge to their refinement. Soft skinned wallets are toughened up with biker chains; while zippers, studs and hanging medallions featuring iconic symbols add a certain attitude to the bracelets and belts of the collection.  Unexpected twists complement the range such as the the special "x-ray" detail featuring on some of the belts, where studs are actually covered in leather for a signature one of a kind look.

Says Varvatos of chic line; " This collection brings both design and value to our customers. It's not just about a price point though, it's about giving this younger guy accessible options that he can relate to".

For more on John Varvatos, Click here.

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