Saturday, 10 July 2010

Dries Van Noten and his host of covetable trends.

For the regular reader, romantic musings about Dries Van Noten collections, are no manner of odd entity, and his SS11 collection makes no changes to my eternal admiration for his craftmanship however:

Who EVER thought that bleached denim jeans, that look as if they were bought from River Island, circa 2001 - you know when a diamond earring and spiked highlights were considered the epitome of street chic? - could ever be made to look half reputable? I had most certainly never even entertained the idea, however: splatters are set to be a big trend for SS11 and I think it is fair to say that DVN - as always - conveyed the trend is the most inspiring ensembles.

His collection for SS11 was a subtle infusion of blush tones, thick creams, strong camels, denim blue, navy and stark white.

Contrast played a pivotal role in displaying the garments to their utmost best: high, long and flowing blush toned trousers - which almost enveloped the patent feet beneath - contrasted with a shrunken, bleach smattered denim jacket gives a good example of the new silhouette for SS11.

Contrasting sleeves were apparent on DVN's runway again, more subtle with tonal colour blocking this time round, rather than the domineering leather contrasting of AW10, double breasted was a big shape for the sartorial elements: suits came in unexpected colours and were broken into seperates by the stylist: showing the versatility of a suit - if you are but willing - to allow the individual garments to break free from the suit bag.

Overall, the collection was exuberantly fresh, decidedly wearable, understatedly chic and utterly on trend for SS11, my love affair with DVN menswear shall continue, intact, until next Summer at the very least.

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