Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Black Afgano - The New Fragrance From Nasomatto.

With a crazed passion that has taken him as far as the Arabian Desert to source camel dung (used in which fragrance we cannot say) creative perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri will stop at nothing to create perfumes that in his words - 'will have an intelligence of their own and not be a slave to my meaning...'

His latest offering - Black Afgano - is a cruel, sadistic sort of fragrance. It's the predator, not the prey, its the villain not the superhero, and it will be worn by very reckless men. Don’t get me wrong - it's a stunning fragrance, it’s just beautiful in the way that a brightly coloured viper would be - beguiling, paralysing in the presence of another body, and definitely a symbol of sexuality and sexiness.

With this new fragrance Alessandro aims to evoke the best qualities of - wait for it - hashish, and this fragrance he sees as his person quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss. As a result of the natural ingredients the fragrance presents as inky black - a sinister addition to any chic bathroom shelf.

Black Afgano - Extrait de Parfum - 30ml/£98 from Avery London -www.averylondon.com


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