Monday, 21 June 2010

Vivienne Westwood 2011

What would you expect from Vivienne Westwood's new collection other than something splendidly eccentric and eclectically styled... The SS11 Vivienne Westwood MAN collection did not fail to fulfil the expectations.

Climate change was the underlying theme of the multitude of patterns and fabrics that were in display.

Cropped double breasted suits of startingly starched and bright fabrics, saddle shoes and the staple hareem pant combined to create a fresh take on global fashions.

Coloured graphics clashing with metallic knits, set off by striped tailoring and intrusively bright socks: all representational of the natural turmoil we have inflicted upon Earth.

The collection gave an incredibly chic sense of hapzardly style, whilst staying true to the anarchy of her punk roots: ecctrencity is key for SS11.

let's get the winter over with.

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