Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Shady baby

There are not many things that can make a man look cooler than when he is wearing a sublime pair of sunglasses, and what with the summer months rolling into play now, it seems appropriate to proffer up a few options for your UV eye protection for this specacularly dull Summer.

It is best, Seventh Man finds, to recall the shapes of yesteryear in order to look your most elegant whilst wearing sunglasses: think of the ageless style that Ray-Ban wayfarers offer many a wearer, or the classic tortoiseshell resin that makes almost any style frame that little bit more superior than it's fellow block colours.

For something a little special to perch on your nose this Summer then just follow this link: Retrospecs and be politely suprised by their heaving selection of retro, vintage and new shapes to enhance your summer look and make you feel every inch as elegant as you look.

They stock brands such as Anglo American, Yves Saint Laurent, Ray-Ban, Cazal and Polaroid amongst many, many others.

See the world through a different lens this Summer.

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