Friday, 25 June 2010

Levi's Relaunch The 201!

To commemorate the birth of its original blue jean, Levi’s are re-releasing the iconic 201. The jeans, which were first introduced back in 1890 and were staple work-wear for a number of decades before being discontinued; have been revitalized as part of Levi’s archive inspired Product With Roots Collection.

Recreated in three distinctive denim washes, the 201 jeans will feature original design details including a cinch back, exposed rivets and the famous crotch rivet. The three unique washes consist of Indigo Hope, a premium raw denim, Blue Collar Dark, a slightly stone-washed finish and Blue Collar Light, a worn-in and heavily stone-washed finish.

In celebration of this relaunch, Levi’s have transformed the Origin space within their newly redesigned Flagship Store on Regent’s Street into a fitting tribute to the 201 with their unique visual display of denim craft. What’s more, an original 201 from 1893 has been flown over from Levi’s archive in San Francisco and is being proudly displayed within a glass vault in the basement of the store.

Be sure to check it out.

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